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New battery installation for a non-solar watch, without the water pressure test is $15.95. If your watch has more that one battery there is a charge of $6 for each additional battery.

We will make every effort to reseal the watch using the existing gasket, however we will not warranty the water resistance thereafter.

Also, if you think there is more of a problem than just battery replacement, enclose a check or money order for $12.50 to cover the cost of troubleshooting. The troubleshooting fee will be credited toward the repair cost. The troubleshooting fee is not refundable if the watch is non-repairable or if you do not want the watch repaired.

Water pressure testing is an additional $21. If you get your watch wet from showering, swimming or diving, we strongly recommended a new gasket and water pressure test for all 50 meter and above water-resistant watches. Water resistance is warranted for one year.

Interior Cleaning and adjustment, if desired, is an additional $6.

Return delivery is $6.25 in the US and $15 to other countries.

Please call us toll free at: 213-627-4331 or email us at: if you have any questions.

We will contact you in order to obtain credit card payment. Money orders and cashiers checks are also acceptable. Personal checks are cleared before the watch is sent back.

All work is guaranteed for 12 months.

Please fill out the information required in the REPAIR FORM , cut off the mailing label and affix it to your package. Be sure to make a copy for your records.


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