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Why is a water pressure test recommended and what does it consist of?

If you get your watch wet from showering, swimming or diving, and do not want it to leak after battery replacement, we strongly recommended a new gasket and water pressure test for all 50 meter and above water-resistant watches.

Watch battery replacement should be performed by a trained watch technician. Among the many reasons why, failure to treat the gasket with a special lubricant and improper placement of the gasket in the watch will cause the watch to leak when exposed to water. Failure to properly seal the back plate by stripping any of the screw threads or, by something as simple as not tightening the back plate sufficiently will cause leakage and in most cases irreparable water damage as shown on the examples below.
water damaged watch
When we water pressure test a watch, it is submerged suspended in a piece of equipment especially designed to allow the water in its tank to be put under a specific atmospheric pressure. The Technician pressurizes the tank to the specified water resistance of the particular watch and leaves it under constant pressure for about twenty minutes.

The next step, if the watch passes, is to place in on a dryer box which heats the watch to the point that if there is any seepage, condensation will form on the inside of the crystal. If there is no condensation the watch has passed the water pressure test.

Water pressure testing is an additional $21.

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